Win a $1 Million+ Lottery Prize Home & Change Your Life… From Only $2!

Deaf Lottery’s Draw 151 $500,000 First Prize Gives You 4 Options To Choose From!


The Deaf Lottery Australia is all about winner’s choice. You can WIN & Choose from 4 BIG $500,000 1st Prize Options to suit YOUR lifestyle change.

Win Deaf Lottery 149: With $500,000 to spend, Choose Option 1 For Investment or Lifestyle & Build a Brand New Metricon Home for your Family

Whether you’re dreaming of building a new Metricon home in a location of your choice, want the financial freedom to pay off those bills & buy a new car, have the opportunity to explore Australia with that new caravan or motorhome or simply just want the option to choose your own Prizes & tick off that wishlist or travel the world in luxury…then this is the Lottery for YOU!

Plus, each 1st Prize Option comes with $20,000 Cash & up to $450,000 Gold Bullion in the Mortgage Buster Lifestyle option.

Win Deaf Lottery 149: With $500,000 to spend, Choose Option 1 For Investment or Lifestyle & Build a Brand New Metricon Home & Live the Dream

Option 1: Getaway Lifestyle

Prize Value: $500,000

Have you always dreamed of getting away from the run of the mill, pack the bags & start touring around Australia?

Win $500,000 in Deaf Lottery 149: Choose Lifestyle Prize Option 4 & Pick What You Want - How about a Paradise Motorhome + Gold Bullion?

Imagine where you could go with $500,000 to spend on any Motorhome or caravan & 4WD of your choice. PLUS, this Prize includes up to $400,000 in Gold Bullion & $20,000 Cash.

You could choose a Jayco ‘Optimum’ Motorhome & enjoy absolute luxury and comfort as you travel to exciting new destinations.

Packed full of features such as:

  • 7 speed automatic Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Large bathroom, electrical & white goods

PLUS much more!

Visit for more details.

Option 2: Investment or Lifestyle

Prize Value: $500,000

WIN $500,000 to spend with Metricon Homes! Build your new dream home in a location of your choice!

Choose a Metricon house & land package, build on your own land or spend up to $400,000 in Gold Bullion PLUS $20,000 CASH to assist with new land purchase (conditions apply). Visit Metricon Homes website for house plans, display home locations & areas serviced by Metricon.

Win Deaf Lottery 149: With $500,000 to spend, Choose Option 1 For Investment or Lifestyle & Build a Brand New Metricon Home & Live in Luxury

Option 3: Mortgage Buster Lifestyle

Prize Value: $500,000

Imagine how your life would change if you had Half a Million Dollars to spend! You could secure your financial future & pay-off those bills & the mortgage, plus perhaps add a new car or two to your garage. Perhaps you’d choose a new BMW 730d Sedan plus $260,000 Gold Bullion & $20,000 Cash? Or maybe you’d prefer to treat yourself to a Jaguar XJ 3.0 V6 Supercharged?

Win Deaf Lottery 149: With $500,000 to spend, Choose Option 2 & Cruise Along in Your New Jaguar XJ 3.0 V6 Supercharged + $290,000 in Gold Bullion

Choose any motor vehicle/s of your choice with up to $450,000 in Gold Bullion & $20,000 CASH. The choices are all yours!

What could you do with $1.5M in cashable gold bullion? Win RSL Draw 308 & find out!

Option 4: Design Your Own Lifestyle

Prize Value: $500,000

With $500,000 to spend you can enjoy the freedom to choose the prizes that suit your lifestyle.

Choose any combinations of motor vehicles, motorhomes, trucks, marine craft, caravans/campers, motorbikes, farm machinery, travel, gift cards, $20,000 CASH & Gold Bullion up to $400,000.

The choice is all yours!

Win Deaf Lottery 149 & You Get $500,000 to Spend How You Wish - Maybe a Brand New Metricon Home in a Location of Your Choice?

Thank You For Your Support

Your support of the Deaf Lottery is very much appreciated as proceeds from the Lottery contribute to the development of key services & exciting programs that are designed primarily to help the Deaf & hearing impaired community.

Win $500,000 in Deaf Lottery 149: Choose Lifestyle Prize Option 4 & Pick What You Want - How about a Brand New Mack Truck + Gold Bullion?
The Deaf Lottery – Supporting Vital Services to the Deaf & Hearing Impaired Community of Australia

Deaf Lottery

Prize Home Draw #151

First Prize Value:
  • Option 1: Getaway Lifestyle Motorhome with up to $400,000 Gold & $20,000 Cash
  • Option 2: $500K Investment or Lifestyle Dream Home incl. $20,000 Cash
  • Option 3: Mortgage Buster Lifestyle + $450,000 Gold & $20,000 Cash
  • Option 4: Design Your Own Lifestyle incl. $400,000 Gold & $20,000 Cash
  • LOTTERY CLOSES 12 Midnight AEST, Sun 12 July 2015
  • LOTTERY DRAWN 2pm AEST Thu 16 July 2015

Our Charity Lotteries

• When you purchase tickets in the RSL Prize Home from the RSL Art Union Lottery, you're directly contributing to & supporting the provision of welfare services to ex-service men & women, their dependants & to other members of the Community.

• The Surf Life Saving Lottery raises funds for Surf Life Saving when you buy Lottery tickets. These funds support Surf Lifesaver training, first aid supplies, rescue gear & equipment, & surf safety community education programs throughout Australia.

• Deaf people empowered, connected & achieving: The Deaf Lottery raises funds from the sale of Lottery tickets to support the Deaf & Hearing Impaired. You can WIN a new luxury lifestyle & help enrich the lives of the Deaf & Hearing Impaired Australians at the same time!

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